An improperly coordinated IME can lead to a lengthy and costly claims resolution.

The independent medical evaluation (IME) is vitally important to claims management. An improperly coordinated IME can lead to a lengthy and costly claims resolution. Selecting an appropriately qualified IME physician, supplying proper records and reports, and managing communication with both the IME provider and injured worker can be time consuming and frustrating. Trusting the responsibility to an inexperienced vendor or one that does not have deep clinical experience or familiarity with the law can be costly and inefficient.

Custom Case Management offers the complete array of IME set-up services and can customize service to each client’s specific needs. In an industry rife with overcharging, we pride ourselves on our integrity and superior customer service.

IME physician choices

Because all our case managers have clinical experience and expertise, we’re able to evaluate injury reports and select the most appropriate physician for your IME. We will schedule the IME appointment and send prepayment.

Patient Communication

We can notify injured workers of all appointments and send travel-expense checks to get to and from the appointment. When appropriate, we will arrange for an independent interpreter to provide translation services at the IME.

NCM Attendance

An experienced nurse case manager is available to attend the IME to explain the goals of the exam to the physician and identify any issues or concerns.

Obtain Missing Records

A sloppy or incomplete medical records can lead to an improper report. We will review each injured worker’s medical file, identify missing records, and obtain all diagnostic films and patient reports.

IME Cover Letter

Once complete and properly organized, we will send the file to the IME physician with detailed notes summarizing care and identifying specific issues to be addressed in the IME report.

IME Follow-up

Following the IME, we will secure the IME report to ensure all issues were appropriately addressed and then provide detailed recommendations for the claims adjuster.

Refer A File